MiniProf BT Wheel - Profiling Wheel Wear

Reliable and accurate measurement device, for the measurement of the wheels of a complete railroad car to optimise maintenance and safety efforts

The MiniProf-Wheel is a reliable and accurate piece of measuring equipment, which anyone can operate. Its magnetic attachment enables you to measure the wheels of a complete railroad car in less than five minutes.

The MiniProf-Wheel calculates Sd, Sh and qR instantly and can also measure the wheel diameter.

The reliable information on wheel wear enables you to optimise your maintenance and safety efforts.

MiniProf BT Wheel

MiniProf BT Wheel is a high precision, lightweight and portable tool for performing cross-sectional wheel profile measurements in order to monitor and analyze the wear of wheels. It is equipped with Bluetooth as well as cable connection option and can be used on various types of wheels.

It measures the wheel profile and determines the diameter in one single measurement which takes less than 5 seconds to perform. A complete railroad car can be measured in less than 5 minutes.

Various calculations and alignments for wheel are available in the versatile and flexible Envision software package and can easily be added for optimum and customized configuration of the MiniProf BT Wheel system.

MiniProf BT Lightrail Wheel

The MiniProf BT Lightrail Wheel is a small instrument specially designed for use on tramway vehicles. This small and compact instrument can be mounted on very narrow places and fits all tram wheels.

TwinHead Wheel

The normal single head MiniProf-Wheel instrument is extended to a TwinHead Wheel with a fixed beam between two heads. The system is magnetically attached to both wheels on the axle. The TwinHead is efficient to obtain maximum accuracy when joint profiles are measured without moving the instrument. The system is ideal for interaction studies between wheels and rails. Applications for a TwinHead are: Contact studies, Optimisation of wheel-rail contact, Steering/curve negotiation. Plug-in for calculating Equivalent Conicity is available.

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