Wheel flat and Out of Roundness Monitoring

The APT-WORM is specifically developed for the detection of flats and out of roundness of wheels on heavy and light rail vehicles. The system was developed under the SAFERAIL project, which was funded by the European Commission and is now commercially available for worldwide application. 

The objective of the APT-WORM system is to provide a reliable, fast and affordable technology for the detection of wheel flats and out-of-roundness, using on-line vibration measurement technology. 

The software allows you to visualize the results of the measurements, including the date and time of the measurement, the vehicle, ID, the speed and the identification of a wheel flat or out-of roundness. The data can be accessed with a standard internet connection and browser (password-protected website).

Email or text message alerts/reporting can be configured and sent automatically to the maintenance crew/responsible. The information can be transmitted to a remote location for integration into a maintenance vehicle database or can be stored on our servers

Download our APT-WORM brochure here.

Click here to watch the APT-WORM video

Reference: Lombardsijde - Main line
WORM on ballasted track

Reference: Antwerp- Workshop
WORM on embedded track
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